Aman Dusun Riverview BungalowGlamgoat Livestock's ducksGlamgoat Livestocks baby DorperAman Dusun's gazebo by the riverGlamgoat Livestocks farm grounds

Aman Dusun Riverview Bungalow

Glamgoat Livestock's ducks

Glamgoat Livestocks baby Dorper

Aman Dusun's gazebo by the river

Glamgoat Livestocks farm grounds


Aman Dusun is a unique retreat conceptualised by two very passionate people who are deep into environmental issue and conservation. The sprawling and undulating 4 acres property is part of a bigger and separate 12 acres farm. A stay in the orchard gives an inside view, experience and an opportunity to impart good values, care and devotion to the environment to our young children. Learn more...