Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. Is there any BBQ pit provided?

Yes. Each house has its own BBQ pit. Please bring your own charcoal, skewers and the food you want to bbq.

2. Is there any fees if i want to use the bicycle?

Yes, rent a bike RM 20.00 for ½ day.

3. What is provided for free in Aman Dusun?

Ping pong, badminton, fishing rod, foosball

4. Is Aman Dusun wheel chair friendly?

Unfortunately, no.

5. What is provided in the kitchen besides the stove and fridge?

Kitchenware- Wok (kuali), rice cooker, oven, microwave, oven, kettle, blender, pestle and mortar, utensils & dishware – spoons, forks, knives, ladle, glasses, cups and saucer, plates and bowls.

6. Can I finish everything in the fridge?


7. Do you provide mineral water?

Only 2 bottles ( 1.5 litre bottles)

8. Can I bring food in Styrofoam to the house?

NO, you can’t. Styrofoams in any form (especially food storages) are prohibited in Aman Dusun.

9. Can we eat fruits around the compound? Is it free?

Yes, free for guests. You are NOT ALLOWED to call outsiders and let them enjoy the fruits with you.

10. What’s for breakfast?

Most of the time, roti canai with dhall and sambal or nasi lemak or lontong and some malay kuih ,with tea or coffee and our special goats milk.

11. Is there any WIFI internet provided?


12. Are there a lot of mosquitoes in Aman Dusun?

Yes. It’s natural to find mosquitoes in an environment with lots of trees but they are kampong mosquitoes, not aedes!. They love to come out early in the morning and late evening. Some tips; do wear long sleeves, avoid wearing black or dark colors and get some insect repellent. We will provide you with mosquito coils and light them for you.

13. How about monkeys? Will they disturb our belongings?

Don’t worry about the monkeys. They are scared of you as much as you are of them. They won’t get near you.

14. Can I swim in the river nearby?

I advised you not to because the current are unpredictable.

15. Is there any karaoke sets available? How about TV?

No karaoke sets available. TV is available with DVD only. No TV1, TV2, TV3 etc.

16. Do you have TOTO for additional guests?

No Toto. We have full mattress for paid additional guests. For children under 10 years old, you will have to bring your own TOTO.

17. Why can’t we smoke in the house?

Smoking is bad and it will make the curtains smell awful and we will have to dry clean them and we will have to dry clean them and will have to charge you extra for the dry cleaning.

The Blue House

1. How many beds in this house?

Single bed: 5
Queen sized bed: 3

2. Is there any bedroom in the house?

No specific bedroom. On the ground floor, the 2 double decker beds are separated by a sheer curtain from the living room. On the 1 st . floor, beds are placed in open spaced area.

3. How many bathrooms are there?

2 showers and 2 toilets are inside the house. Behind the house, there are another 3 showers and 3 toilets, accessible only by going outside the house.

4. Where can we swim?

Guests are welcomed to swim in the swimming pool near the Boss’s Crib.

5. Is the swimming pool far from the house?

1 minute walk from the house.

6. Are the rooms aircon?


7. Is there hot water?


The Riverview

1. Exactly how many rooms in the Riverview Bungalow?

2 Rooms :-

  • 1 Master bedroom (2 queen sized beds) with access to the Loft ( 2 single beds). This Master bedroom and the Loft is with air-cond.
  • 1 room with 1 queen bed, with wall fan.

2. How many bathrooms in The Riverview Bungalow?


3. Do you have Hot water?


3. Do you provide toiletries in the bathrooms?

Yes, shower gel provided.

4. Do you provide towels?