Accommodations & Facilities

Accommodations & Facilities

riverview bungalow 1. Facilities in the Riverview bungalow include:

  • A sprawling veranda facing the Langat river
  • A small living room with antique furniture
  • An indoor kitchen fully equipped  with modern kitchen amenities
  • An outdoor kitchen
  • A master- bedroom with a double queen sized bed (attached large bathroom and air-conditioned)
  • An attic with two single beds (accessible via a staircase located in the master bedroom, air-conditioned)
  • A small bedroom with a single queen sized bed ( a bathroom is across the corridor)
  • A solar panel heater
  • There is a separate outdoor shower and toilet facility for campers. This is located about 30 meters away from the bungalow thus ensuring privacy for the bungalow’s residents
  • TV with DVD Player ( no tv channels )
  • Max  up to 7 people

2. Facilities in the Blue House include:

  • An indoor kitchen equipped with modern kitchen amenities eg. Kitchen hob, microwave oven and simple cooking utensils.
  • A small living room with antique furniture and a dvd player. ( no tv channels )
  • 3 single beds, a queen bed and a twin double decker ( 2 single on the top and 2 queen on the bottom deck.
  • No water heater -well water
  • Air-conditioned
  • Max up to 11 people

3.  Other Facilities
There is a laundry room, separate outdoor shower and toilet facilities for campers. They are located next to the Blue House with a separate entrance., thus ensuring privacy to the bungalow residents

A gazebo (15’x15’) and an open hall (25’x15’) along the riverbank are excellent spots for a quiet contemplation or even for a team building gathering, BBQs and a game of table tennis.