Horse riding
Horse Riding Horse riding classes are available twice a day ( one hour per class ). Advance booking is necessary. The class starts at 9.30-11.30am and 3.00-5.00pm. The class will be conducted 1km away from the GlamGoat livesto cks farm. Please email for enquiries and booking.

Pond & Night River Fishing
Aman Dusun residents are free to fish at our fishing ponds. Fishing rods are provided and any fish caught are all yours. For overnight staying residents, night river fishing is recommended. We provide spotlight by the river. If you’re lucky you might be able to catch kelah fish.

U-Pick Fruit
Fruits are seasonal. Please inquire before hand.

Other Must Do activities.

Climb Mount Nuang
Mount Nuang is the highest peak in Selangor with a height of 1,493 metres (4,898 ft).  It is approx. 6km from the farm. There are three hiking routes to the peak and all of them were constructed by Malaysian Department of Wildlife and National Parks. Guests can be transferred from our farm to the starting point,  Kuala Pangsoon in Hulu Langat

Mount Nuang Trekking up Gunung Nuang in Hulu Langat offers trekkers endless opportunities to observe exotic and rare tropical flora and fauna, displaying Malaysia's primeval and largely unexplored rainforests. The hilly terrain makes trekking up to the peak of Mount Nuang more arduous. Many claimed the climb is harder that Mount Kinabalu, Sabah. (highest mountain in south east asia)

The track can be divided into three main terrains.  The climb involves a two hour hike on a very steep slope, an optional stop at "Camp Lolo", and after that a six hour push to the peak, and a four hour trek back to the starting point. The ascent is tougher as the slope is steeper. Best time to start the journey is at 4pm and overnight at Camp Lolo. The journey continues very early on the next morning and continue to the summit. Please email for enquiries and booking.

Meet the Artist
Juhari Said is Aman Dusun’s good neighbour. He owns Akal Di Ulu. He sculptures and paints. He is also a passionate farmer and he breeds ducks and plant vanilla creepers. You may want to visit his studios and enjoy his artistic pieces. He is a world renowned artist. You may be allowed to wander into his studio, but strictly by appointment. If you are interested in his arts and have not seen a vanilla plant please visit him Please email for enquiries