Aman Dusun Orchard & Farm Retreat

Aman Dusun Orchard & Farm Retreat

WELCOME TO Aman Dusun.

This is a unique retreat conceptualised by two very passionate people who are deep into environmental issue and conservation. Aman Dusun is a sprawling and undulating 4 acres property and is part of a bigger and separate 12 acres farm.

Fountain In Aman Dusun sits a unique Bungalow ( Riverview Bungalow ) with an infinity pool facing the pristine Hulu Langat river bank. It is a 20 meters walk from the Bungalow down a gentle slope to the river bank.  The bungalow itself is a creation based on preservation and conservation. Most of the building materials were taken from two very old government bungalows that had to be demolished during the construction of the Prince Court Medical Center Kuala Lumpur.  One of the prized items was the roof tiles. There were clay tiles manufactured in Mangalore, India in 1868. This bungalow was a private residence of the owner and is very much loved. It is now available for rental to whomever that appreciates similar concepts and who are willing to look after it with similar love and passion while residing as a paying guest.

The Blue House The Blue House is recently built as an additional guest house which can accommodate up to maximum 11 guests. Built with similar concept of preservation and conservation, it was originally a public toilet facility. The building was converted and transformed to a comfy little house. The construction was mostly done by hand including some of the furniture like the beds and the twin double decker bed.

Wild Flower Garden Just behind the bungalow is a manicured herbal and wild flower garden and a lawn for a game of badminton. The adventurous will come across a “kampung well” hidden in a small valley. This well provides water for the whole property.  Guests are encouraged to wonder around the homestead to discover themselves other hidden treasures such as the water lily and the fish pond.

Aman Dusun has abundant of seasonal fruit trees; these include the durian, mangosteen, pulasan, rambutan, cempedak, dukung and petai.

A stay in the orchard gives an inside view, experience and an opportunity to impart good values, care and devotion to the environment to our young children.
There are many other interesting features in Aman Dusun. This includes a goat’s farm where the livestock gaze freely and is indeed a wonderful sight to behold. The owners have decided to use this feature as an R&R ( rest and recuperate )for their female goats recuperating after giving birth. Once these female goats have fully recovered (about 3months) they will return to the main farm. Saanen goats are breed here too for their milk.