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Glamgoat Livestocks Farm

Our Free Range Kampung Chicken

Grazing Sheeps

Eating Time for The Kalahari Goats

Our Free Range Ducks

Goats Posing For The Camera

Glamgoat Livestocks Farm

Glamgoat Livestocks Farm

Farm ground The main farm (12 acres) is located at Batu 20,  Jalan Sungai Lui, Hulu Langat. This is about 6km away from Aman Dusun. For residents, visit to the farm can be arranged. In the main farm, residents can learn all aspects of goat breeding and rearing. Other farming activities include “wild kampung chicken” breeding and ducks/ geese breeding. We have a patin fish pond. Fishing is allowed and it is free for the residents only. You can take home what you caught.

We also produce our own brand of pure goat dung fertilizer, neatly packed and ready to be sold. The adventurous may want to wander into the sprawling grounds where we plant special tall grass called “Napier”. This is the staple food of our goats. We breed and rear goats belonging to the following species:-

Boer, Kalahari, Black Head Dorper and Saanen ( This is the milk producing species)

The owner’s young children conceptualize the spirit of this farm. The farm is known as Glamgoat Livestocks, coined  by the owner’s daughter.

Both Aman Dusun and Glamgoat Livestocks is approximately 35km from the Kuala Lumpur City Center. That is why we like to be known as an Urban farm.

Do look us up and give you and your family a chance to experience a unique lifestyle that have become almost a rarity among some of us.