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Livestocks Pricing

Livestocks Pricing

Black Head Dorper Sheep - Breeding Protocol

Description Price

Rams (male ) > 60kg > 18mths

RM2,600.00 and above

Ewes (female) > 40kg > 12mths

RM1,200.00 and above

Kids 5mths and above

RM600.00 and above

Kids 3mths-5mths, ADG > 160g


Boer Goats Slaughter Protocol (Aqiqah & Qurban)

Description Price

Bucks (male) > 40kg > 18mths

RM950.00 and above

Female > 35kg > 12mths

RM750.00 and above

Kids 3mths-5mths > 12kg

RM500.00 and above

All Natural Goat Dung Fertilisers with Probiotic

Description Price

2kg packaging


10kg packaging


Bulk Purchase
(1 Tonne and above)